Ib Andresen Industri A/S, Part of IAI Holding A/S along with Subsidiaries Europrofil Sverige AB and Europrofil Norge AS, has entered into an agreement for sale tot he german company Wegener GmbH.

This sale marks a new era for both companies, which share a proud tradition as independent, family-owned businesses with a long history of providing steel solutions to industrial buyers.

Wegener, known for its extensive expertise and commitment to high-quality steel solutions, will take the helm of a group that performs strongly in Northern Europe. This strategic purchase also ensures that IAI's steel service centers will continue to operate as an independent unit, serving steel mills, steel wholesalers, and major industrial customers without the influence of the mills' own interests.

Founded in 1967 by Ib Andresen, IAI has been under family leadership and ownership until this significant transition. Before the sale, IAI was jointly owned by Erik and Tom Andresen. The group, which processes around 500,000 tons of steel annually, is a leading provider in Europe of steel service center services, roll-formed steel profiles, and sheet metal processing from primarily coils.

In the process of finding the right buyer, the Andresen family placed great emphasis on handing over IAI to a company that is not only well-respected and family-run but can also continue and enhance IAI’s prominent market position. We warmly welcome Frank Wegener and his team and look forward to Wegener GmbH continuing to develop and expand the business for the benefit of employees, customers, and suppliers.

As part of this transition, we would like to extend special thanks to Bjørn Thorsen, Brian Skovbjerg, Lone Kolin and beyond all our employees for their tremendous effort and dedication over the years. It is thanks to you that IAI has been able to deliver products and solutions of the highest quality and achieve such a prominent place in the market. Your commitment and professional pride have been the foundation of our success, and we look forward to the group continuing this journey under the new owners, who will build on the legacy and values we have created together.

The transaction is expected to be completed within 3 months.


– Tuesday, 14.05.2024 –