Innovative steel processing is what drives us

We have been manufacturing semi-finished steel products for more than half a century.

Since the very beginning, we have been able to fulfil the most difficult requirements. We have grown with the continuously increasing demands in terms of technical design and cost-effective production. Today, this wealth of experience and our modern machinery are the basis for producing for you precisely, quickly and at attractive prices. Our high-quality products are in demand internationally from manufacturers of lorry trailers, cranes, bridges, rail vehicles, ships, agricultural machinery and mechanical engineering. Ask us about your components. We will be happy to convince you with a good offer.


60 years of experience

in the handling of projects

Since 1962, the most diverse projects with the most diverse requirements have made us a specialist and partner in sheet metal processing.


in working together with our customers

We adapt completely to your individual wishes. We invest continuously to meet your requirements. Our wide range of raw materials ensures short delivery times.


Strong machine park for largest components

With our wide range of equipment, we have the right solution for every component specification and size requirement. We can even cut the largest sheet metal blanks into the desired shape.

Where are we located?
Wherever you need us

We do have our roots in the western Münsterland, but today we manufacture for customers all over Europe. Our components are used in the most diverse branches of industry: in vehicle construction, crane construction, bridge construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, wind energy plant construction and wagon construction. Wherever high-quality steel components are required, the name Wegener is synonymous with many years of experience, maximum flexibility and exceptional production capacity.

Gebogene Stahlbauteile liegen gestapelt in der Halle von Wegener Stahlservice.